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Episode 07: Youth Training, Meditation & Hitting Rock Bottom as a Strength Coach with Erica Suter

by TeamBuildr, on Oct 21, 2020

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The TeamBuildr Podcast is back with a new episode! This week our guest is Erica Suter. Erica runs her own business, Erica Suter Strength and Conditioning, where she is an athlete performance coach and more specifically a youth female athlete performance coach as well a soccer skills coach.

Erica has been in the game now for over 8 years and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. After playing soccer and graduating from Johns Hopkins (shout out to the blue jays) she thought she wanted to go into the collegiate S&C world but quickly realized that that lifestyle wasn't for her. She fell in love training the youth of America and hasn't looked back!

And I just feel our industry's like, you got a grind to like earn your spot and like this is how it is. But then you can go into this other world in the private sector and still make a huge impact and work with a lot of athletes and still have sanity in your schedule and have time for self care.

In this episode we talk to Erica about early specialization, getting youth athletes to be thinking about more not less, and how as a coach you need to spend time taking inventory on your own life.

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You can tell just how passionate she is about getting her youth athletes to buy in from just the sound of her voice. She talks about how she has had to communicate to the parents that isn't a 'quick fix' this is a life-long journey to health and fitness. 

I always tell people, here's the commitment, here's what you need to do. Like, if you're signing up for my program, you're committing to this, this is a lifetime thing. And they're going to learn, you know, not only physically, but they're going to learn this for the rest of their life.

Not only do we like Erica for being a fellow blue jay but she has also been apart of #TeamBuildrNation for about 2 years. She has helped countless athletes earn their spots at Division 1, 2, and 3 schools and she is dedicated to training the human, not the athlete. And in a world of Covid and gym shutdowns, it can be tough to stand your ground while still trying to grow a business.

Take a listen, learn how to meditate, and subscribe to our podcast to know when the latest and greatest are published. Enjoy!



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