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Episode #14: Reflecting on 2020 with TeamBuildr Co-Founders Hewitt & James

by TeamBuildr, on Dec 30, 2020

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We made it to the end of 2020 (FINALLY!), so for the final episode of the year the Co-Founders of TeamBuildr, Hewitt Tomlin and James Peters got on the mic to reflect on the crazy year we had and what it was like to transition a team of employees who were so used to taking video game breaks together in the office to working from home indefinitely. 

They're not just a regular boss, they're a cool boss 💁

They definitely don't take themselves too seriously, they love an informal environment, and they're not afraid to get candid about how they started TeamBuildr with no money and no investors. They certainly had their struggles but they have fun taking a trip down memory lane and talking about some of those "struggles."

Hewitt and James love what they do, they love their employees, and they love everyone who uses TeamBuildr. Listen to more and learn how they are going to keep trying to make an impact in the years to come!



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