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Episode #20: Let's Talk About Athlete Recovery with Joel Jamieson

by TeamBuildr, on Mar 3, 2021

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This week we chat with none other than Joel Jamieson. Joel is an authority on strength and conditioning for combat sports and a thought leader in the industry. He has trained multiple championship athletes, authored a bestselling book and pioneered countless training innovations. He is the founder and CEO of both 8WeeksOut, a site dedicated to recovery-driven conditioning and performance, and Morpheus Labs Inc, the world's first personalized heart rate training platform. 

Much of our conversation with Joel was centered on recovery. Joel educates us on his favorite metric to measure how an athlete’s body is recovering -  Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and how it can be used by coaches to make training plan adjustments. He also speaks extensively on the importance of sleep and dispels some of the bad advice out there on it. Quality sleep is a huge driver of recovery, and strongly linked to one’s HRV. 

“Don't mistake fatigue for actual improvements. I think that coaches in general tend to have this idea that I have to make somebody really tired in order to make them get better.”

Other discussion topics include how the best MMA fighters manage their energy, how inflammation can be sneaky and how Hewitt and Joel had chance encounters with the same legendary strength coach as youngsters on opposite ends of the country. 

Joel is a fount of knowledge and we loved having him on the show. You can learn more from him by checking out his latest posts on 8WeeksOut and keeping your eyes peeled for his upcoming course, Recover to Win. Like and subscribe to catch us next time!


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