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Episode #23: Using TeamBuildr to Leverage your Online Training and Cater to your Audience with Erica Suter

by TeamBuildr, on Jul 6, 2021

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We brought Erica Suter back onto The TeamBuildr Podcast to talk to us about how she uses TeamBuildr and the Online Payments Portal to leverage her business. Erica has been training athletes in-person for 9 years, that is, until the Covid Pandemic hit and had to shift her training to fully remote (along with every other trainer in the world). Fortunately for Erica, she had already been using TeamBuildr for about 2 years and it made the transition to remote rather simple.

“I was so grateful to have had TeamBuildr setup before the first lockdown happen. I think a lot of people were kinda scrambling at that time but I had been using you guys for I think two years before that hit.

It was really helpful to have that in place. Because with all the people coming online in 2020, like I had the bandwidth to handle it. And it made the transition a lot easier. And I work with a lot of youth athletes, as you know, and they love the setup. They think it's very user friendly. And it was just really, really helpful during that time.”

In this episode Erica talks about how the transition to online training has benefited her work-life balance, how she uses the TeamBuildr Online Payments Portal to cater to her audiences and scale programming, and how important important it is to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur, and why it’s important to cut out the noise on social media and find your niche about what your passionate about.

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Learn more about Erica by heading to her website, follow her on social media, and be sure to catch up and listen to the previous episode we did with her about meditation and hitting rock bottom as a strength coach.


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